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We know that as an owner, selling your property is no big deal, but leasing one is. Now-a-days it’s almost impossible to find a tenant that fits your criteria & most importantly a genuine one. We do the impossible for you.

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If you are searching for your diamond necklace in your kitchen instead of your cupboard, you will never find it. Similarly, if you are searching for a luxury property on lease in Mumbai & still haven’t found one, you are probably searching in the wrong place.

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Our luxury property listings contain a host of accurate, useful information. Use our advanced search feature to locate the perfect properties suiting you based on unique factors like Luxury Star, Amenities, and more!

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Lease Lions offers accurate, up-to-date information for each of the luxury property listed on our website. We ensure our high standards are met for each property we list in order to deliver the best rental listings in the South Mumbai area!

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We strive to provide the best platform to find accurate and useful information about the luxuries available for lease across South Mumbai. Our innovative hunting features make it simple to find the perfect luxury for you. We also list commercial listings.

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Lease Lions is started by MAK Kotwal Realty - Mumbai’s leading Real Estate Advisory & Broking Giant, with a passion for the ultimate luxury this beautiful city has to offer. Our mission is to continually enhance the experiences of property seekers by providing simple and innovative services to the SOBO’s residential & commercial lease market.