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Whether you’re looking for a new neighborhood or want to make an informed decision about a commercial space, our team has the leasing experience and the expertise to make sure you get the best information about the location and each property. Our leasing experts are ready to help with search from start to finish.

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  • helpHow much does Lease Lions Hunt cost?
    The service is completely free to tenants! We get paid by landlords because they hate vacancies and want to lease properties to great tenants. Landlords who pay our fee also don’t charge you anything extra in rent. Pretty good, right?
  • helpWhich properties are eligible?
    Our leasing team vets all properties that we partner with for Lease Lions Hunt. These buildings have our thumbs up and meet our quality standards. Because we work in partnership with these landlords, we’re also able to get you a good deal at fair market value.
  • helpHow does it work?
    Simply let our team of experts know what you’re looking for and we’ll assist you on your search from start to finish. They have intimate knowledge of the lease market in your area and can help on almost anything related to your property hunt – from providing tips on neighborhoods and giving unbiased feedback on commercial spaces to scheduling and accompanying you on your visits.
  • helpHow do I know Lease Lions Hunt will work for me?
    If one of our luxury properties matches your needs and budget, then Lease Lions Hunt is for you! Simple as that. If not, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know when we have a listing that does.
  • helpDoes Lease Lions Hunt require a membership? How do I join?
    No membership is required, and the service is completely free. Simply click on the location you wish to live in and fill in the details at the top of the page to let our leasing team know what you’re looking for. We’ll get to work on finding the best property matches for you right away.
  • helpWhat’s the catch?
    There is no catch. We take care of your property search start to finish, at no cost to you!
  • helpSo, how do I get started?
    Incase of Residential property, you can select the location you wish to move to and fill out the simple form & a leasing expert will be in touch to chat about your move. While in case of commercial spaces, you can either search based on location & budget or fill in your requirement.