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Lease Lions is focused on leasing residential/commercial properties for owners who are stationed in and out of Mumbai / India. We understand that it is extremely difficult for owners like you to allocate time and bandwidth for putting your property on lease. Our learnings & skills help us in pre-empting your requirements and provide you with true peace of mind as far as leasing your residential/commercial property is concerned.

Market your listings to millions of tenants using Lease Lions to find a new home.

1. Tired of finding genuine tenant?

In that case, you have landed on the right page. We are about to reveal the shortest & the quickest way to find genuine tenants for you. Just follow these 2 easy steps to let our tenants know what you have in stock for them.

a. List your property

Without listing, we can't help you find your future tenant. So you can’t skip this one.

b. Verify your property

Well, this step can be skipped, but just to inform you verified properties received verified tenants. The choice is yours!

Post this all you have to do is relax! Because leasing your property becomes our topmost priority.

2. Marketing your property

Our creative marketing campaigns revolve around positioning your property in the correct manner, thereby adding more and more tenants to your pipeline. And on top of all, it’s completely FREE!

3. Start receiving Responses

It’s time now for some action. Probably by now, your property is in great demand & we are over flooded with enquiries from tenants.

4. Scheduling visits

From all the responses we receive, we only let the genuine ones reach your apartment. Once they visit, see & like it, the tenant is all yours!

5. Finally We got happy customer!