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If you are a social magnet, you have come to the right place!

Registering in our Share and Earn program is the right way to earn from your social circle. All you have to do is introduce us to your friends and relatives who are looking for a property on lease in Mumbai and follow a few simple steps mentioned below. Once your referral leases a property through us, the money will come flying into your bank account.


Do you share great products and services with others? You are probably already doing this but now it's time you get rewarded for it. How? Just follow these 3 simple steps.

STEP: 01

Before you introduce your friends and family to us, we would want to know if you like what we do. Simply liking our facebook page shall help us serve your referrals well.

STEP: 02

Share our Facebook page on your wall and show us how quickly you can share stuff with your social groups. Just click Copy, then click Share and Paste it on your wall.

Hey! Look what have I found! In case you have a property lying vacant with you, list it on Lease Lions and earn excellent rentals on leasing. Check their website https://www.leaselions.com/

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STEP: 03

Now that you have started sharing with your social circle, we would want you to fill the referral form, so that we can credit your rewards as soon as your referral leases a property through us.

Once you fill the referral form, our support manager shall call you to verify the details. Post verification you will get a unique referral code which will help you access your account that will keep you updated on your references.

While you earn, let your friends earn too.


  • helpWho is eligible for this program?
    Whether you are our existing client or planning to be one in future, you can introduce your friends and family looking for a property on lease to us & earn from our referral program.
  • helpWhat are the referral rewards?
    No points, No gimmicks, just money! For each successful referral, you will get flat 10% of one month's rent.
  • helpWhat do you mean by a successful referral?
    When your referred friend or relative leases a residential/commercial property through us & pays us our brokerage, we consider it as a successful referral.
  • helpWhat is the referral process?
    You have to like and share the Lease Lions' company page on Facebook & fill a referral form. Once we receive your details, we shall issue you a unique referral code which can be used to check your referral's status. All the references that are introduced to us shall reflect in your account that you access through your referral code.
  • helpHow and when will the referral reward be processed?
    The referral reward will be directly credited to your bank account mentioned by you in the referral form. This will be credited within 30 days from the date on which your referral does the deal. If the referral reward has not been credited even after 30 days, please write us on irefer@leaselions.com with the following details:
    • Your name as filled in the referral form
    • Your email id as filled in the referral form
    • Your referee's name.
    • Date on which the deal was done
  • helpIs there a limit to the number of friends I refer to Lease Lions?
    There is no such limit. So, keep referring your friends and keep earning through our Share&Earn program!
  • helpWhat if two people refer the same person? Who will get the reward amount?
    The referee is given a form to fill when he agrees to lease a property through us. This form will have a reference field. The person whose name is mentioned in this reference field will get the rewards. So, always make sure your referee mentions your name in this field.
  • helpCan I earn rewards at multiple levels?
    No, you earn rewards only for your direct references. If your reference, refers someone else and is registered under our share and earn program & he will receive another unique referral code.
  • helpHow will the rewards be credited?
    We shall credit the rewards to your bank account directly either via cheque or NEFT.
  • helpWhat do you mean by servicable reference?
    When your reference wants to lease a property in Mumbai & has a rental budget of Rs. 70,000 per month or above, we call it as a servicable reference.
  • helpWhat if I have a friend who wants to get his property leased. Can I refer him?
    Yes, you can also refer owners who want to lease their properties. If their properties are leased through us, you shall be eligible for the same rewards.